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Jobs are not sent to other shops for repairs - All repairs done in house by trained professionals!

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Our motors are wound with Premium Rea inverter duty wire to insure highest quality.

118 HP Fairbanks-Morse Pump

Stator in rewind process.



Rewind Procedure


  1. All cores are processed in the burnout oven.
  2. Data is taken from the old winding and the old winding removed from core.
  3. The stator core is then cleaned.
  4. After rewind is complete the stator is connected for high voltage and a high pot test to ground is performed for 1 minute per lead.
  5. After the high pot test is complete, the stator is dipped and baked for curing.
  6. All stators cores 50 HP and above are processed twice in the dip and bake process.




Computerized Dynamic Balancing


Balance Balance
All motors 25 HP and above are checked for balance to insure quality. We offer computer print out for your records.


Core Loss Testing


Phoenix Technologies CL10 Core Loss Testing with computer print out for your records. All motor cores 50 HP and above are tested to insure good core density.